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Labor Relations Division

Develops strategies in advance of labor negotiations with the trades and actively engages in all other issues affecting the signatory contractor throughout the year. Signatory Members only.
Rich Lucht
Chair Commodore Builders, Vice President, Operations Manager
Dorothy Ostrowski
Adams & Ruxton Construction Co, President
David Kelliher
Auburn Construction Co., Inc., President
Frank Hayes
Bond Building Construction, Inc., President
Bob Mischler
Bond Building Construction, Inc., VP Operations
Kane Cuddy
Bond Civil & Utility Construction, Inc., President
Charles Penta
Boston Building & Bridge Corp., President & CEO
Emily Rowe
Citywide Contracting LLC
Francis Colantonio
Colantonio Inc., Chairman & CEO
Bill Aalerud
Columbia , Executive Vice President
Jim Marsh
Columbia , Vice Chairman | Partner
Andrew Townshend
Columbia , Executive Vice President | Chief Risk Officer
Joseph Albanese
Commodore Builders, Founder & CEO
Thomas Comeau
Commodore Builders, Vice President/Project Exec.
Matthew Consigli
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., President
Mike Haseltine
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Superintendent
Brad Higdon
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
Steve Gentilucci
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Superintendent
Paul Pradeiro
Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Inc., Operations Manager
Patrick DeIulis
DeIulis Brothers Construction Co., Inc., Vice President
Steven Avery
Dimeo Construction Company, CFO
Shannon Evans
Dimeo Construction Company
Lisa Wexler
Elaine Construction, Inc., President
Bill Morash
Elaine Construction, Inc., Executive Vice President
Thomas Caulfield
F.L. Caulfield & Sons, Inc., President
David Fontaine
Fontaine Brothers, Inc., President
Mark Frechette
Fontaine Brothers, Inc.
Charlene Metcalf
Fontaine Brothers, Inc., Controller
Robert Greene
G. Greene Construction Co., Inc., President
Peter DeSisto
G. Greene Construction Co., Inc.
Ryan Hutchins
Gilbane Building Company, Executive Vice President
Michael O'Brien
Gilbane Building Company, Vice President, Business Unit Leader
Kahlil Olmstead
Gilbane Building Company, Vice President G.O. Services
Craig Skurka
Gilbane Building Company, Operations Manager
Richard Hoefer
H&H Builders Inc., President
Richard Burum
H&H Builders Inc., Project Manager
David Rampone
Hart Companies, President
Daniel Rampone
Hart Companies
John Moriarty
John Moriarty & Associates, President
Chris Brown
John Moriarty & Associates
Jamie Noon
John Moriarty & Associates
Lee Kennedy
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., President
Chris Pennie
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., SVP-Operations
Donald Cook
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., Superintendent
Sue Muckle
M&A Architectural Preservation, Inc., President
Mike Kearns
Shawmut Design and Construction, Vice President Construction Operations
Michael Sanchez
Shawmut Design and Construction, Chief of Construction Operations
Henry Mosca
Siena Construction Corp., Vice President, Project Manager
Karen Orf
Siena Construction Corp., CFO
Bryan Northrop
Skanska USA Building Inc., Executive V.P./General Manager
Paul Hewins
Skanska USA Building Inc., Co-Chief Operating Officer
Paula Eremka
TOCCI, Payroll and Benefits Manager
John Tocci
TOCCI, President & CEO
Matthew Kilty
Trinity Building + Construction Management Corp., President
Maureen Kirkpatrick
Turner Construction, Vice President / Operations Manager
Jamie Meiser
Turner Construction, Project Executive
Ryan DeChristoforo
Turner Construction
Jim O'Grady
W.S. Kenney, Inc., President
Walter Rich
W.T. Rich Company Inc., Chairman
Jonathan Rich
W.T. Rich Company Inc., CEO
Richard Walsh
Walsh Brothers, Inc., President & CEO
Jim Lyons
Walsh Brothers, Inc., Vice President of Construction Services
Ken Vogel
Wes Construction Corp.
John Ferrante
Miranda Jones
O'Reilly, Grosso, Gross & Jones, Attorney

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