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Mayor Wu Invites AGC MA, Contractors, and Unions to Discuss Industry Safety

On August 18th, Mayor Wu and key individuals from her administration invited AGC MA, large general contractors, and the Boston Building Trades Unions to discuss the recent spate of construction safety incidents in the city.  

The Mayor opened the conversation by highlighting some of the recent accidents and acknowledging some of the considerations which may be contributing factors.  She emphasized her heartfelt concern for the workers and public who are impacted by these incidents and asked members of her administration to weigh in with their thoughts.
Commissioner Sean Lydon from the Inspectional Services Division then spoke recalling that Boston has had the reputation as one of the safest cities in the country. He informed the group that ISD was doubling down on the training of their inspectors to recognize safety hazards and considering developing an anonymous tip line to report safety issues. Others from the Boston Fire Department and OSHA also spoke regarding fire safety and safety citations.  They then asked the industry representatives to offer some thoughts on what could be done to improve safety in the industry.
AGC MA and various members offered ideas regarding training, culture, and planning as methods of improving safety. The unions stressed that they instill safety within their training programs and could impress it further into their stewards and foremen.  

The meeting concluded with few concrete action items.  As a result, AGC MA will be convening another industry-only meeting to discuss safety in the city with general contractors, subcontractors, and unions. This meeting will develop some ideas to show that the industry is taking this issue seriously and making progress. Stay tuned!

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