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SNAPSHOT in TIME: The Daily Report | Jackie Falla, Director of Client Services, Elaine Construction

If you’ve ever been tasked with reading or writing a daily report, it may not rank high on your excitement meter.  Perhaps, so was reading Shakespeare in high school, as it is often difficult for students to find the relevance of the ancient script to their 21st century existence.  Yet, as we all eventually learn, Shakespeare’s writings contain timeless themes that have an undeniable lasting impact.  So too are those of the daily reports.  Not designed for their poetic delivery of information, they are no less important to a construction project.   
Their importance can be segmented into two main categories:  the profitability of the project, and risk prevention.

Profitability:  put simply, the collective reports tell a story about job progress, materials and/or resource delays, and provide information which will allow you to course correct, initiate recovery schedules, and deliver the project on time – essential to making money.  They also provide information on which trades were on site, how many workers, and the timeframes in which they worked.  Major material deliveries get recorded, which means, they must be checked for accuracy and/or damage to product.  This analysis informs who gets paid, status of job progress to date, and ensures materials are on site when needed.  Regulatory inspections are noted, as well as, confirming the safety of the project.

Risk Prevention:  Field notes, that document the activity on the site, are often the most reliable account of what happened, months, and years later, in the event of a contractual or legal dispute.  Memories fade, and details matter.  Daily reports provide a lasting record.

Daily reports are as powerful a tool as any of those in your toolbox.  Take them out, fill them out, and record advance signs or warnings.  While you may not have a best seller on your hands, you can find comfort in delivering a profitable job.

About the author
For 7 years, Jackie Falla has held the role of Director of Client Services at Elaine Construction providing expertise ranging in strategic planning, technical writing and time management.

Her skills in establishing and cultivating client relationships have continually proven successful in generating  new business opportunities for the organization.

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